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With the completion of the final event in the calendar at TINTO the Prizewinners are:-


        CHAMPION                                         KEVIN PLUMMER


        3rd PLACE                                           NIGEL PRIESTLEY


Congratulations to the victors




Criffel 20th March

Langholm 26th March

Screel 16th April

Hartfell Horse Shoe 14th May

Durisdeer 11th June

Beef Tub 10th September

Merrick 18th September

Manor Water 8th October

Tinto 12th November.






































Hartfell Horseshoe


















Devils Beef Tub











Manor Water















Total Points
















 41st Rory Longmore    39 min. 40 sec.

 95     Allan Spence        43.35

 96    Kevin Plummer    43.35

149   Ross Dolder          46.24

187   John Robson        49.35

196   Johnny Minto      50.19

247   Jean Robson         59.54

This Saturday, 12 November, was the final race of the ADAC hill running championship for 2011 - the Tinto hill race. The event was fully subscribed even before a plug in the Scotsman Newspaper; a total of 269 runners made the start line. The run is relatively short at just 7km and 460m of climb; ideal for somebody who wants to try their first hill race. The weather on the morning of the event was heavy rain but by the time we assembled at the bottom of the hill before the start the sun was shining brightly.

It was here that I bumped into an old friend from ADAC, Dan Watson, who had made the trip down from Glen Coe with two other local Glen Coe runners. After a quick chat it was time to make our way to the start. I was a bit apprehensive as I had been out of running for 3 weeks due to injury so elected to start from the back of the pack and see how thing went. With the hooter sounding we made a start, it took a few seconds to cross the start line. Starting from the back, I ran at my own pace and was conscious of my injury niggling but it seemed much better that it had a week earlier; my trip to the Physio on the preceding Wednesday seemed to have been money well spent. On the climb I picked up paces as I wen. It was rocky under foot with regular mud holes that required leaping over to keep the feet dry or just plugging though as best you could. As the race continued the injury was niggling but I was passing other runners and it wasnít too bad, so I kept to that pace. About ĺ of the way up the hill the leaders of the race had met us on their descent; I had been expecting this for a while and was quite happy to be so far up the hill before they passed us on the way down.

At the top we rounded the big stone Cairn. It was here I passed another familiar face to us ADAC runners, Shirley Singh. Now for the descent. No problems with the injury now, coming downhill uses different muscles. I elected for a fast descent, 9/10th not a kamikaze out of control downhill, I didnít want to take a fall and end up with more injuries. This was a steady comeback run for me. I am a better descender than climber, I think it is because to descend well you need to leave your brain at home and go for it without fear; it is easy for me to leave my brain at home. Ha Ha. Subsequently I picked up a lot of places on the downhill. Towards the finish I caught up with another familiar face, Alan Spence from Lockerbie. As we approached the finish I said Ďdo you want to run in together instead of battling it out to the finish?í which we did, crossing the line together.

At the finish there were a number of grazed knees of runners that had taken a tumble; Dan was included in the runners that had suffered a fall. There was biscuits and water at the finish and I met Johnny Minto here after his race. Johnny had an excellent run and had smashed 6 minutes off last yearís time. Myself, Russ and Johnny found a small burn to wash off in and cool our legs off in as we walked back to the cars. At the cars Jean Robson suggested that we visit the cafť at the bottom of the hill for a well-earned cake and a cup of tea, so me and Russ went with Jean and John for a bit of recovery food, just to see the rain start again.

The event was won in convincing style by Prasad Prasad by 2 minutes over the second place runner in 30:51. First woman was Charlotte Morgan in 38:51. Best placed Local runner from Dumfries R.C. was Marcus Scotney in 35:08.

Of the ADAC runners, Rory Longmore ran an excellent 39:40 to be first ADAC runner home and second in the Vetís over 50 class followed by me and Alan Spence in 43:35. Russ completed the run in 46:24, followed by John in 49:35 and Johnny Minto was not far behind in 50:19 with Jean coming home in 59:54.

A great event that I did enjoy.



Unable to find a photo of Johnny........apologies


Durisdeer Hill Race Saturday 11th June

This, the fifth event of the hill championship series took place under excellent underfoot and weather conditions except for the backmarkers when rain arrived towards the end of their time on the hills, which also resulted in the prize giving being very brief. The rain did not deter the runners, however from partaking in the excellent sandwiches and cakes provided by family and friends of race organiser and club member Adam Anderson.  Adam had an excellent run to finish in 3rd place.   Next home  for ADAC was Kevin Plummer in 15th place  (2 hours 04) minutes with Nigel Priestley returning in 2.19 followed by Jim Buchanan, 2.28  and Johnny Minto  in  2.39.  A tough course, where Kevin competed for the first time but having had the benefit of recce runs over the route.  Johnny on the other had had not experienced the second half of the route and was unfortunate to lose time because of a directional error. Thanks to Adam, to Roger for registration and time keeping and to Moffat Mountain Rescue.

1st Jim Davies. Borrowdale. M40 1.32.01
2nd Kim Cullison. Eden Runners Sen 1.41.24
3rd Adam Anderson. Carnethy. M40 1.45.48
4th Andy Thompson. Eden Runners Sen 1.47.50
5th Oliver Bloomfield Lochaber. Sen 1.51.30
6th David White. Kilmarnock. M40 1.55.16
7th Tommy Begley. Irvine. M40 1.57.52
8th Tosh Brannan. Lothian. M50 1.59.03
9th John Goldsworthy. Galloway. M50 1.59.20
10th Andy Fairfrieve. ADAC. M40 2.00.54
11th Simon Turner. Tinto. Sen 2.01.52
12th Simon Mortlock. Dumfries. M40 2.02.18
13th Julia Connor. Moorfoot. FS. 2.03.13
14th Dougie Milligan. Solway. M60 2.03.41
15th Kevin Plummer. ADAC. M40 2.04.46
16th Steven Yule. Tinto. Sen 2.04.48
17th Alistair Smith. Dundee. Sen 2.05.29
18th Kevin Davie. Carnegie. Sen 2.05.52
19th Ian Pattison. Whisky Chase M40 2.06.30
20th Rafe Osbourne. NA. Sen 2.06.37
21st Tom Bowie. Carnegie. M60 2.06.40
22nd Cameron Osbourne. NA. Sen 2.07.37
23rd Bryan Lamb. Bellahouston Sen 2.07.46
24th Shirley Singh. NA. F40 2.08.47
25th Roddy Pugh. Kilmarnock. M50 2.09.02
26th Jonathon Weir. NA. Sen 2.10.04
27th Andy Webster. Solway. Sen 2.11.15
28th Bob Cherry. Ayr Seaforth.M50 2.12.19
29th John Toms. Eden Runners M40 2.13.40
30th David Greg. Carnegie. M40 2.14.01
31st Gerrad Meneand. FRA. M50 2.14.23
32nd Phyllis OBrien. HBT. F50 2.15.17
33rd David Duncan. Ochil. M50.2.18.03
34th Nigel Priestley. ADAC. M50.2.19.17
35th John Telfer. NFR. M40 2.19.25
36th Nick Gordon. Solway. M40 2.21.20
37th Joe Schrieber. Girvan. F40 2.23.26
38th Ian Murgatroyd. Solway. M40 2.25.11
39th Jim Buchanan. ADAC. M70 2.28.25
40th David Mitchell. Kilmarnock. M40 2.30.01
41st Paul OBrien. Corstorphine M50 2.32.42
42nd Johnny Minto. ADAC. M40 2.39.35
43rd Tony Stapely. Portobello. M60 2.59.36
DNF. Chris Paul.
DNF. Casey Morean.


Report by Kevin follows:-

Well after doing 3 reccíy runs over the last 3 years this year I actually managed to do the Durisdeer hill race its self. 

The race starts in the field at the bottom of the first hill, at the race start there was a tent full of home made cakes and sandwiches, Rodger was helping out taking the money and making sure we all had a map at the start, nice to see him even if he canít run at the minute.

We were all counted before the start just to make sure that we didnít leave anybody behind on the hill, there was a car waiting on the road to pick anybody who got injured or found it a bit too much. The Mountain Rescue was in attendance just in case at most check points.

At the start we all set off up the hill, the main track runs straight up the hill, but there is a little sheep track which cuts to the left and allows you to cut out a bit of the climb. Me and Andy Fairgrieve ran together and watched in dismay as all the top runners took the short cut, damn this was our secret weapon to gain a few places, hill running is about navigation and fitness so long as you get to the statutory check points the route you choose to get there is up to you. Never mind we have a few more tricks up our sleeve yet. First check point made no problems. Off we set again most of the runners kept high but me and Andy used one of our tricks and dropped off earlier traversing diagonally down the first big descent, this one is a killer, very steep, by the bottom my legs were jelly and almost doubling under me, still our trick had gained us a few places and it was over the road, to check point 2 then a run on the farm track. I found I was passing people easily here but disaster struck, my shoe lace came undone, a quick pit stop and I was off again but not after loosing 5 or so places. The flat running by a burn suited me and I had pulled all my lost places back before the next climb and was back with Andy.

On the climb to check point 3 Andy pulled away, he is a strong climber. On the next big descent most people cut to the left side of the burn me Andy and John Goldsworthy took to the right of the burn this was a good choice as we gained more places, once over the burn the running was faster on a narrow track. Me and Andy reached the road again together most runners now crossed the road climbed almost immediately traversing the face which ran parallel to the road, me and Andy just ran down the road then did a 90 degrees left turn to climb the face head on. I donít think this gained us any time but it was easier on the feet; traversing steep faces can lead to blisters as your foot rolls in your shoe.

I would guess at this point we were lying about 10th. Andy pulled away a bit on this climb and the next mile was hard going under foot in very tuffity grass, I wasnít able to catch him back up. After the tuffity grass was a long hard climb, I was blowing quite hard and found that I lost a few places here, I made check point 4 and it was fast running again, or rather it should have been but by now I was too tried to take proper advantage of the terrain. A couple of easier climbs had us at check point 5 the last one, now it was pretty much all down hill to the finish I picked up a couple of runners, but by now the field was well spread out, as I crested one more brow I could see the cars below me it was a welcome sight, I kept down hilling as hard as my tried legs would let me. Within 50 yards of the finish somebody tried to sprint passed me, no chance I thought donít you know I have been sprint training with Joe on the Annan track, a quick bust of speed saw me over the line in front of him.

2:04 was my time I came in 15th, Andy was a little over 2:00 John did a PB and just slipped in under 2 hours. After a short rest, err well collapse on the grass it was to the important matter of delicious home made sandwiches and cakes, Oh and loads of tea, a must for me after a hard run. Once fed and watered I made my way down to the burn for a cold water soak in the stream.
One great thing about this race is you could see the runners coming in for a long way as they make there way down the last down hill to the finish line. I was watching out for Nigel Priestly, Jim Buchanan and Johnny Minto, Nigel came in next followed by Jim.
Once over the line Jim showed me his fell shoe, the sole had split from the top and was only join on at the toe, he had tied it together using his lace at the back. This happen after the first big descent to the road, I am sure a lesser man would have gave up there and then, but not Jim he is made of sterner stuff, he must of ran 7 to 8 miles on the hill with half his shoe flapping around like a flipper. Good on you Jim.
Now we waited for Johnny at last he came into view looking good as he crossed the line, I did feel a bit sorry for him as by now all the sandwiches had been devoured although there was a fair few cakes left for him.

A great race, even the rain kept off until after we had finish and all for the princely sum of a fiver, (are you reading this Andy?) we must have consumed that each in sandwiches and cakes, err well I did. Sorry how much is Mabie???

A big thank you to Adam for organizing the event, Rodger for doing the admin, Johnny for the lift, Jim for his inspiration Andy for keeping me on my game and not letting me walk when I could run, Nigel for his advice.

Great day I enjoy the race and your company thanks to you all.


Hart Fell Horseshoe Saturday 14th May

Cool/cold , windy but dry weather conditions existed as runners made their way round the route in the morning, all scheduling to finish around midday. 8 runners took part plus John Robson who completed around two thirds of the course.  It was good to see John taking part and trust his injury has not been exacerbated. Andy was first runner home with a PB by 30 seconds.  Most improved was Johnny Minto who knocked 6.30 off his previous best.  In late afternoon Nigel Priestley went round the route and was happy with a better than expected time.  Good to see all the regulars there but it would be good to have a few more taking part. Roger came across to offer support, and let's hope it won't be long before he can get back taking part.

Results follow:-

Position                  RUNNER TIME
1 ANDY FAIRGRIEVE                             (guest) 1.48.07
5 JOHN GOLDSWORTHY                       (guest) 2.12.00
6 SHIRLEY SINGH                                   (guest) 2,12.00
7 JIM BUCHANAN 2.27.33
8 JOHNNY MINTO 2.28.00
9 JEAN ROBSON 2.38.00


Screel Hill Race -  Saturday 16th April

Five members of ADAC took part in this years race  with excellent weather conditions and generally good underfoot.  The race was won by Dumfries Running Club member David Parrish in a time of 30.17 minutes.  Ranjit was first home for ADAC in 39.26 with Kevin following closely behind in 39.33. in 19th and 20th positions respectively.  Nigel wasn't far behind in 40.24 (24th) and much further down the field Jim in 50.14 and Jean in 51.08, getting 37th and 38th positions.  Kevin and Jim thought they knew a better route than that of the race organiser and suffered.  Kevin had the common sense to retrace his steps but Jim soldiered on regardless, getting into all kinds of trouble before getting back on route. Enough said!!

                                                                                (full results)


Langholm 5 Hills Race - Saturday 26th March

Competitors in this year's race were fortunate to have excellent weather and good underfoot conditions.  Unfortunately numbers were down to take advantage of them.  Rory Longmore returned to Hill Running to gain victory at his first attempt over the route with Nigel Priestley and Jim Buchanan in runner up and third place respectively.  Lady's stalwart Jean Robson once again was thr female winner.  Results as follows;-


Rory Longmore V50 1hr 33.58

Nigel Priestley V50 1hr 38.38

Jim Buchanan V70 1hr 44.21

Alan Reville V40 1hr 52.23

Ray Baird V70 1hr 56.47

Jean Robson V50 2hrs 13.00

Brian Harper V40

Alan Irving    S      All 2hrs 12.01 walk/jog

Brian Wilson S

Rob Cranston V40 2hrs 15.00

Ross Calvert V40 2hrs 34.00 walker.






Criffel Hill Race - Sunday 20th March

Very muddy and generally miserable conditions confronted runners at this year's race, however new member Martin Coopland had a great effort to finish in 13th place in 70.16 with Jean Robson in 49th place in 101.48, well done Jean.  the winner of the race was Brian Marshall of HELP in 56.5