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The Crooked Road - 14th November 

(contributed by Ross Dolder)

Although Moffat has got to be one of the rainiest places in Scotland I'm luck that I can mostly plan my runs by juggling free time with work time, staying dry by setting off when the Met Office website's rainfall radar says it's safe to go. If it looks like it will stay dreich all day, I rationalise that the body needs rest and recovery, that I've work to catch up on anyway and there's no need to feel too ashamed about staying dry and warm.

 As a newcomer to the ADAC Winter League though, it was important to be there for the first race, especially with Beattock being visible from home so I dutifully ignored the redwine on Friday evening in favour of a refreshing night's sleep and hoped that the predicted heavy rains would rush through like they often do and leave the morning dry if not bright.

I've run the Crooked Road route a few times on Thursday evenings so thought I knew what to expect and at 9.30 a.m. my wishful thinking for dry overhead conditions could almost have come together because the rain had actually all but stopped although the sky to the south still looked pretty dark. The Met Office had issued a severe weather warning for the small hours predicting a couple of inches of rain which is an awful lot when it falls on already soaked ground but especially so when most of it is delivered in just a few hours. The flood in the dip of the road under the old railway bridge on the way out to Beattock was no real surprise then and although most people were turning around, I pointed my Renault Megane straight on and swished through with water sloshing over the bonnet. It dawned on me afterwards that the reason I'd seen Andy F. driving the opposite way was because his probably wasn't a company car.

At about 10.20 a.m. though, the sky darkened again and the heavens opened, this time with a vengeful, almost spiteful intensity and with not a hint that it might relent before midday. But doughty runners had turned up from the furthest flung corners of Annandale, each having fought their own battles with the deluges on the way and with so many making the effort, I was well pleased to be there too. Few words were spoken because there was little inclination for chit-chat in the torrential rain so folk sat around in their respective steamed-up cars with engines running until the message got around that the timed starts had been abandoned and that we should feel free to go whenever we were ready.

Was I ready ... well, at least I knew exactly where I was going and I was keen to get back to the dryness of the car after I remembered that silly expression from someone that hasn't got a clue about running in the rain that 'there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing'. I was unconvinced that my shorts and shower proof jacket would keep me dry for very long so after Jim had counted me down from 5, off I set off with a grim determination. A bit of pavement, a bit of tarmac and a bridge over the railway soon led right to the track that even during August, the wettest month the region has seen since records began 100 years or so ago was never so flooded on a Thursday evening.

Soon after tentatively picking my way over the submerged cattle grid, the route turned and climbed uphill on what most times is a decent track but this morning was nothing short of a babbling burn. Halfway up, I caught sight of a couple of runners ahead of me and near to the first gate I passed one huddled-up, drenched athlete that I figured must have been Elizabeth and mumbling a conciliatory greeting I pushed on. There was no respite from the rain which had filled the grass furrows of the track inches deep in flowing water but approaching gate 2 I was delighted to see that somebody (I'm guessing Jim) had opened a route to the right hand side which allowed us to bypass the slurry of cow poop that normally awaits the other side. Although the victory of catching a normally faster runner is a bit shallow when you know that he or she has had to take an unavoidable break from training, I now had Kevin in my sights and we met just before the wire fence crossing on the path up to the road. Just the other side, to the right of the path and corralled against the woodland was most of Beattock's beef herd so Kevin and I decided it was wise to slow down for a while and allow them to make their way around us. The cows decided instead that they would gallop behind us, in front of us, towards us but didn't bother going away from us until we'd reached the level tarmac and the point where the pace starts to pick up again.

After a short climb left from the road and descent back down to gate 2, it's right onto the home run and just under 39 minutes later Mr B. marks my time on the clipboard and I'm able to wring out my clothes. A few minutes later I'm off home to shower, change and then back out to the Buchanan's for their generous hospitality and polite oversight of my greedy appetite for soup, extra soup, pudding, extra pudding, custard and more sweet things. All told, it was an excellent morning out and a run that shouldn't have been enjoyable considering the foul weather and slow, heavy going, turned out to be one of the most enjoyable this year thanks to all the organisers, food providers, gate openers, timers and the other mad runners.




All roads led to Hawick on Sunday 30th September as 4 members travelled up over and across to Hawick using whatever road was not flooded. The weather on the day was much kinder than further west as the rain did not reach Hawick until well after the event was over.  News of Gordon's hamstring injury had reached the Boardman camp and it was a big surprise for him to see "Lazarus" getting out of a car along with Johnny and getting prepared for the event. Our newest member, Ross, was also in attendance doing a 10km for the first time in years.Despite his efforts to put a "spanner" (see pics) in Gordon's preparations for this event all four lined up for this testing 10km over undulating ground. The wind was fresh but in a circular route it matters not and with so many entrants getting in with a group would not be a problem.First home for the club beating his best time from last year by 50secs was Boardman. Having spent all of this race in a group of three and catching up people on the way a quick turn of pace in the last 80m secured a surprising 3rd overall and 1st vet prize in 37:09.Next home was the die hard Vivers in 44:38 with that "Rambo" look and clinching that all important 5pts in this tight race for the Vet's championship. Close behind was new man Dolder looking fresh from his efforts and quite pleased with his performance of 44:48. Next came Minto in 47:44 picking up some good championship points along the way.

All in all a good day out was had and as we got in our cars to leave it started to rain - perfect timing !

(contributed by Joe Boardman, thanks Joe)


Unbelievably we are through the half way point in the ADAC 2009 Road Running Championships the weeks are flying past and another four races have taken place since the last report.

Kircudbright half marathon is always a popular run within the club but this year due to other events and injuries only five members opted to complete the scenic 13.1 mile journey from Kircudbright out through the quaint streets of the small fishing town to meandering country lanes, into Twynolm where the runners then begin their return to home vie Tongland before they at last approach Kircudbright’s bustling High Street and the welcome finishing point back at the Academy.

Conditions on the day were far from ideal as the competitors were greeted by strong winds and heavy rain however it did not deter Ben Gamble of Stone Master Marathoners Club setting a blistering pace from the start to cross the line well clear of his rivals in an excellent time of 68.44.

Joe Boardman was first to finish for ADAC in a time of 85.24 but not too far behind were the Moffat duo of Kevin Plummer and Gordon Vivers who were both delighted to set themselves times of 86.28 and 87.52. These Moffat lads are improving with every run and are keeping Boardman on his toes. Elizabeth Myatt had to take the prize for dedication to the event as she endured a 3 hour journey from Annan by bus to the starting line .She as usual thoroughly enjoyed her run and was rewarded with a time of 1hr 47.40 minutes. Close behind her was the final ADAC runner Johnny Minto who was happy to cruise around in 1.49.33.

Weather conditions at the next event at Lockerbie could not have been more different as the 17 runners had to contend with temperatures well into the 70’s - at least the distance they had to cover this time was only 6.1 miles.

The event was first run in 2005 which it was and has been kindly hosted each year since by George and Linda Fraser. It is always a nice chance for the members and guests to have a run and get together afterwards where the refreshments provided by Linda and her able helpers Jane Green and Michael Kay -especially this year when it was so hot for the run- are most welcome and a very heartfelt thanks go to them from all who took part. Thanks also to Alan Legg for timekeeping and Jim Buchanan for the much needed water station.

Due to the heat times were a bit below par but fastest runner on the night was Boardman who finished in 39.49 though a great run by Richard Wright in 40.04 means that the 2008 Road champion will have to keep working hard if he wants to retain the title this year. Guest Kevin McCaig clocked 40.33 ahead of Roger Irving 41.15 and the Moffat lads Dan Watson 42.03 and Gordon Vivers 42.47. Newcomer Andrew Kennedy came next with a good solid run of 44.50 a time which is sure to improve with every outing. J Murphy ran 47.51 just enough to keep him in front of guests Steve Long 48.18 and Richard McDougal 50.49.Johnny Minto led the next batch of runners home with 52.06 but giving chase was Liz Myatt 52.12,Shirley Douglas 54.05,Louise Hopper & Nicola Kennedy 55.05,Barry McIntyre 56.15, Jean Robson 57.17 and Sue Long 62.28.

Moffat was the next venue a race which has been running for a good number of years now and it was a pleasant summers evening that met the runners for the 15K run .The run takes them from Moffat out to Ericstane Farm where they are met with a challenging climb on a track up the side of the Beeftub for approximately a mile and a quarter however when reaching the top they have the welcome return to Moffat by a four mile run all down hill.

Dumfries Running Club’s Marcus Scotney was the winner of the race in a time of 52.16.

Boardman was once again the first of the ADAC runners over the finish line with his time of 60.51. Plummer, Watson and Vivers grouped well and crossed in times of 63.03, 63.44 and 63.47 .Training partner Andy Fairgrieve was just off their pace with 64.43 but did well to head of a challenge from promising newcomer Alan Spence (65.23). Good to see former ADAC member Gillian Reid back in a race she ran an excellent time of 67.30. Another new member to the club also hailing from Moffat is Mark Walton and he had a fine run coming back in a fine71.17. Johnny Minto battled to stay in front of the ladies Louise Hopper 77.16, Liz Myatt 78.32 and Liz Dawson 80.27. The next and final group to finish in very respectable times were Callum Thomson 84.20, Lynda Minto 84.42, Louisa Burrell 85.36, Jean Robson 86.48 and Elaine Kennedy Walton 88.19. This was an excellent turn out by the club in this popular run.

The latest of the outings for the runners was on Tuesday evening at Castle Douglas. The run was a 5 mile circular route taking the entrants from Carlingwark Loch in the town to Gelston and back to the finish at the Loch.

The 81 runners were lucky that the rain held off for the duration of the run as the thunderstorms that had occurred prior to the start would most certainly not have been pleasant to run in.

Marcus Scotney followed up his success of Moffat with a victory in a time of 27.18.

Seven members apart from Boardman all travelled down from Moffat to complete the 5 run and all were rewarded with excellent times for their efforts. Boardman finished in 5th place in 30.48 with Watson and Plummer hot on his heels crossing together in 31.07 PB’s for both lads. Vivers was yet again just seconds off their pace but also set himself a PB with a time of 31.44. Mark Walton was well pleased with his 34.42 as was Johnny Minto another PB with 37.09 and keeping the flag flying for the ladies Elaine Kennedy Walton ran an excellent 42.08.

The next championship event will be the Hawick 10K on Sunday 30th August which is the same day as the Steven Unwin 10K in Carlisle this will be followed by the Dumfries 10K ( Pre entries only for this event) on Tuesday September 1ST so it will be a busy week for the ADAC members.

As a warm up for these runs as well as a challenge there will be the annual ADAC running festival which takes place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of August. There are four races over the 3 days and the event is open to guests as well as ADAC senior members. The full details of the event can be viewed on the club web site .




Well done Gordon

The ADAC Road Running season is now well and truly underway with four championship runs having already taken Place.

Hightae was the venue for the first run of the year over a distance of 6.1 Miles. The Robson’s once again kindly hosted the event providing the marshalling, timekeeping and the most welcome after run refreshments.

There was an excellent attendance of seventeen runners who started out on the pleasant April evening and with the absence of Joe Boardman , who was over in Spain for his tan top up as well as a spell of warm weather training, it was an open contest. Wednesday was usually badminton night for a trio of junior doctors (who incidentally wish to be known only by their Christian names) but with some gentle persuasion from the Robson duo they abandoned their usual energetic exercise class in favour of a gentle stroll in the countryside – or so they thought!

Fastest on the night was ADAC newcomer and one of our younger senior runners Alan Spence who recorded a respectable 38.40. Kevin Plummer, hungry I hear to attempt to take the title this year from Boardman, was runner up in 39.42 ahead of the first junior doctor Graham who set a time of 39.50 Gordon Vivers was however hot on his tail and crossed in 39.54. Ranjit 40.14 showed a clean pair of heels to the second junior Andrew 40.51 .Smiler headed the next group in to finish in 42.08 ahead of Jim Buchanan 43.39 Mark Walton 44.49 and the infamous John Murphy 46.34. Louise Hopper led the ladies passing the line in 47.42 from Lynda Minto 51.14, Victoria (junior doc number three) 51.32 and Elaine Kennedy Walton 52.15. Andy Minto a relative novice at the running lark did well to come home in 54.21 ahead of Jean Robson and Caroline Legg 55.66.

Two weeks later and it was over to Annan for the 3.54 Mile run. A last minute health and safety decision by Ms Legg led to a change of route which initially led to some grumps and groans but everyone gracefully accepted the reasoning behind the move and got on with the task ahead.

Only ten turned up for the short fast run but all enjoyed the trip and at the end of the night all had a good workout behind them.

The duo of Dan Watson and Plummer couldn’t be split and both recorded a fine 22.58 with Vivers having an excellent run only one second behind them. John Robson wasn’t far off the pace and clocked 23.07 from young guest Steven Clark who ‘paced ‘ Boardman around their times 23.12 and 23.14.Great to see Richard Wright back from the Emerald Isle a bit rusty but still managing to record 23.53. Johnny Minto was happy to cross in 27.03 ahead of Legg 31.02 and Richard Smith 38.32.

The most recent runs took place last week and were the Doctor’s run at Langholm and the Hollwood Stroll at Dumfries.

Langholm yet again greeted their visitors with a glorious day weather wise as the sun shone and the wind dropped to make conditions ideal for a seven and a half mile ‘amble’ through the scenic Langholm countryside. It was a pity that the run coincided with a parade of vintage tractors as the leading runners had to weave their way in and out of the traffic however it didn’t appear to slow them down any and the winning man Wull Hynd of Walkerburn set a good time of 46.14. Jim Ferguson of Dumfries was second.

Top ADAC finisher was Boardman who crossed in eight place with a time of 50.42.Plummer wasn’t too far behind in 51.42.Spence ran well in 53.15 to stay just ahead of Watson 53.19. Vivers having suffered a cold prior to the run was content to set 54.36 that was enough to hold off a good run from Dr David Byers in 55.13. Local Brian Harper ran well to come home in 59.30 and the junior Robson, Rachel ran an impressive 61.17 to head of challenges from Callum Thomson 64.42, Johnny Minto 66.13, Nigel Hall 66.43 and George Fraser 69.17. Legg 71.19 and Jean Robson 73.44 made it all ADAC runners back safe and sound.

Six members who had competed at Langholm on the Sunday were fit enough to travel to Dumfries for the 5 mile run the following Tuesday which was won by Marcus Scotney of the host club Dumfries Running Club in a time of 26.53.

Boardman was fastest of the ADAC bunch again and crossed seventh in a time of 30.34. Plummer recorded a fine 31.36 but had a fright with Gordon Vivers (31.38) almost catching him as they approached the finish line, in fact Gordon was sure if Kevin hadn't look back at the crucial moment ,he could have overtaken him. The battling duo finished ahead of Alan Spence 32.23 and John Robson 43.31. Lynda Minto was the fresh legged ADAC member having sensibly given Langholm a miss and was rewarded with an excellent 41.45.

Next run in the championship is this coming Saturday at Kircudbright and is the popular half marathon for those who have not yet pre entered, entries will be accepted on the day.


Moffat Run & Edinburgh Marathon Progress Report

Those of us who are supposedly’ in training’ for Edinburgh on the 31st May requested a wee get together for a short fast run . As our usual host Mr Buchanan was once again off globe trotting it was over to Mr Vivers to oblige. We set off on the Tuesday evening after Bank Holiday Monday for Moffat leaving behind us in Annan a slight drizzle however approaching Moffat we could tell by the colour of the sky and the on coming vehicles that it was more than a drizzle that was waiting for us. How right we were, the heavens had opened and the wind was howling – who in their right mind was going to come out and run in those conditions you might ask!

Well there were twelve willing bodies ‘keen and very enthusiastic ‘to set off to run the 4.12 mile route. The run was set off as usual via a staggered start the slowest off first. That was Nicola Kennedy and myself we had a good giggle to ourselves as we ran up towards the turn off at the motorway as we could see the drivers of the passing cars looking at us as though we had a screw loose however once we got going we enjoyed the run and were happy to cross together in 35.35. Mark Walton had set off with Louise Shirley and Nigel all marathon hopefuls but he proved his estimated finish time was way ahead of the other trio and he finished in 28.50 long before any of the rest of us – wait till next time Mark - Nigel finished in 31.56 from Louise 32.46 and Shirley 33.05 showing that despite their niggling injuries their training is going well unlike mine – I am getting slower and slower !! Andrew Kennedy also a marathon entrant ran well to record exactly the same time as Mark 28.50. The Moffat gang of Kev, Dan and Gordon all ran true to form and clocked 26.20, 26.58 and 27.35 John Robson was just behind the pace and set 27.55.

The last duo off were Joe and young Alan Spence and it was a sprint finish to the line Alan Legg was the timekeeper and he gave the youngster the victory by the width of a vest although Joe has since asked for a stewards enquiry he declares that someone shouted smile and being the celebrity that he is turned for the cameras which led to his defeat. In your defence if you go online to ADAC in view Joe there is proof that the cameras were there. (By the way their time was 25.59)

Anyhow getting back to the Edinburgh Marathon progress report is that we have two weeks left before hopefully we will all set off to complete the 26.2 Miles joking apart training has been really hard but we have pulled each other through all the bad times so please wish us all luck –that is Garry, myself, Louise, Shirley, Nigel and Andrew - we all do deserve to at least make it to the start line.


Moffat 4.12 Mile Run May 5th 2009

Alan Spence


Joe Boardman


Kevin Plummer


Dan Watson


Gordon Vivers


John Robson


Mark Walton


Andrew Kennedy


Nigel Hall


Louise Hopper


Shirley Douglas


Nicola Kennedy


Caroline Legg







Age Grade Performance %

Age Grade Result Time

Alan Spence





Kevin Plummer










Gordon Vivers




















Jim Buchanan





Mark Walton





John Murphy





Louise Hopper





Linda Minto










Elaine Kennedy Walton





Andy Minto


Jean Robson





Caroline Legg







Beattockhill Hill Race – Sat 21st Feb.2009

Results showing split times







Adam Anderson





Andy Fairgrieve





Joe Boardman





Dan Watson





Gordon Vivers





Mark Whitelaw










Jim Buchanan





Johnny Minto





Jean Robson





Adam Anderson Sr.





Caroline Legg





Roger Irving