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Another Fantastic Weekend For Annan Athletes.

This weekend was busy for the young athletes of Annan and District Athletics Club,firstly five athletes headed to Sheepmount stadium to take part in the Cumbria League on Saturday 21st April.Annan have joined forces with Stewartry Athletic Club to get some more competition through the season and Cumbria offers a good level of competition for the youngsters.Results as follows;

Under 11 boys : Aaron Carmichael , 70m 1st PB and CR.

Under 13 girls:Jade Thompson, 80m 1st PB and CR, Long Jump 2nd PB.

Under 15 girls : Catrina Pringle, Discus 1st,Javelin 2nd , Shot 3rd PB.

Under 17 Women: Alison Pringle,shot 2nd PB,Discus 1st ,javelin 1st PB.

Jacqueline Pringle,HJ 3rd =PB,Discus 2nd PB,LJ 1st.

On Sunday 22nd April, twenty three athletes headed to David Keswick Centre in Dumfries to take part in Nithsdale Open Graded Meeting.The weather was kind once again and everyone had a really good day .Results are as follows:

Under 9 boys:Pardip Atwal ,SLJ 3rd,CB 4th PB,80m 2nd.

Alex Waugh , 80m 4th ,SLJ 4th ,CB 5th.

Under 11 girls:Fiona Logan ,LJ 6th PB, CB 2nd.

Casey Smith ,80m 5th PB, 150m 6th PB,CB 7th PB.

Holly Cassell ,80m 3rd PB,LJ 4th 150m 7th .

Under 11 boys: Ewan Woodman,80m 6th ,LJ 6th .

Finlay Waugh ,80m 3rd PB, LJ 5th .

Rory Murray, 600m 4th ,150m 3rd,LJ 4th.

Danny Gracie ,80m 2nd PB,LJ 1st ,CB 1st PB.

Danny Bryden, 600m 2nd PB, CB 5th ,LJ 2nd.

Aaron Carmichael, 150m 1st PB, 80m 1st PB,CB 3rd PB.

Under 13 girls: Jade Thompson, 100m 2nd PB,LJ 1st PB.

Emily Nicholson, 100m 6th PB, SP 2nd PB,LJ 5th.

Navdip Atwal , SP 3rd,LJ 7th .

Under 13 boys: Callum Davidson ,100m 5th PB,LJ 5th PB ,shot 3rd .

Euan Waugh ,100m 4th PB, LJ 4th , Shot 1st PB.

Euan Murray , Shot 4th.

Under 15 girls : Catrina Pringle , 1st ,Jav. 1st , 100m 4th PB.

Under 15 boys : Liam Woodman, 100m 2nd PB, 200m 2nd ,Shot 2nd .

Cameron Martin , shot 3rd , LJ 2nd PB.

Under 17 women : Alison Pringle ,shot 1st ,jav 2nd ,HJ 1st PB.

Jacqueline Pringle , 200m 3rd, LJ 1st ,shot 2nd .

Vet men : Jim Sloan ,shot 1st , Jav 1st.


Congratulations to everyone who competed at the weekend and thankyou to all parents who supported their children at the meets.


Young Athletes Out In Force at Carlisle.

Twenty six athletes attended Border Harriers Open Graded Meeting at Sheepmount in Carlisle on Sunday 15th April. The weather was cold and dry but the wind in your face in the home straight put pay to good times however all the athletes enjoyed their day and came home with a good collection of medals.

Results are as follows:

U9 boys

Pardip Atwal ; Standing long jump 5th PB, 60m 3rd ,Cricket Ball 2nd PB.

Alex Waugh ; CB 1st PB ,SLJ 6th , 60m 4th=.

U11 girls

Holly Cassell ; Long jump 4th PB , 80m 4th= PB ,150m 3rd.

Fiona Logan ; CB 2nd PB , LJ 8th= PB , 80m 13th= PB.

Nicole Proudfoot ; 150m 1st PB , 600m 4th PB , LJ 2nd PB.

U11 Boys.

Finlay Waugh ; LJ 2nd PB,80m 3rd PB.

Danny Gracie ; 80m 2nd PB, LJ 1st PB, CB 3rd .

Rory Murray ; LJ 7th,600m 4th PB ,150m 4th.

Aaron Carmichael ;CB 2nd PB, 150m 1st ,80m 1st.

Danny Bryden ; LJ 3rd PB, CB 4th , 600m 3rd .

Ewan Woodman ; 80m 7th , LJ 8th .

U13 girls

Navdip Atwal ; Shot 5th PB, LJ 10th PB,800m 7th PB.

Emily Nicholson ; LJ 8th PB, 800m 6th ,Shot 4th PB.

Jade Thompson ; LJ 1st PB ,100m 1st= PB.

Kayleigh Proudfoot ; Discus 1st PB , 1500m 3rd .

Ellie Paisley ; 1500m 1st PB.

U13 boys

Callum Davidson ; 100m 11th = PB,LJ 11th , Shot 8th.

Euan Waugh ; LJ 7th , 100m 7th , Shot 5th PB.

Euan Murray ; Discus 4th PB , Shot 7th PB.

U15 girls

Catrina Pringle; Discus 2nd, Shot 3rd PB , Javelin 2nd PB.

U15 Boys

Liam Woodman ; 100m 1st, 200m 1st, Shot 1st PB.

Cameron Martin ; LJ 4th , Shot 4th PB, Discus 4th.

U17 Women.

Aylish Paisley ; 1500m 2nd PB.

Alison Pringle ; Javelin 1st ,Discus 1st ,Hammer 2nd PB,CR.

Jacqueline Pringle ; Javelin 2nd , 300m 3rd , LJ 4th.

Vet Men

Jim Sloan ; Javelin 1st, Discus 1st , Shot 1st .

Well done to everyone and thank you to all the parents for taking the athletes to this meet.

Dates for your diary 

Saturday 21st April Cumbria League ,Sheepmount ,

Sunday 22nd April Nithsdale OGM, 

Sunday 6th May YAL ,Wishaw.

Training on Tuesdays 6pm-7.15ish and Sundays 10.30am -12noon(none on 22/4/12)


From Scottish athletics website on 03/04/2012

 Gold Rush for Claire at British Masters

3rd April 2012

With 4 gold medal winning performances, Claire Cameron (VPCOG) was the outstanding Scottish performer at the British Masters’ Championships held at Lee Valley on the 17th – 18th March.

Cameron swept the board in the W50 category taking titles in discus (30.19m), shot (10.28m), hammer (31.33m) and weight throw (10.54m).

In the M70 age group Jim Sloan (Annan) came away with two golds in shot (11.29m) and discus (35.32m) while Bill Gentleman (Edinburgh) took two silvers in hammer (44.14m) and weight throw (15.64m). John Ross (Edinburgh) took gold in 200m (30.33) and silver in 60metres in (9.22)

Junior Reports 2012



The sun shone brightly on some promising performances at Sheepmount Stadium ,Carlisle on Sunday 25th March which saw the start of the new season for the young track and field athletes of Annan and District Athletics Club .Sixteen athletes attended the Team North Cumbria Meeting for the start of the season and it was great to have some new faces joining the usual group.Results are as follows :

U9 boys Alex Waugh, 60m 2nd PB; LJ 4th PB ; CB 3rd PB.

U11 girls Holly Cassell , 60m 5th in heat PB; 150m 6th PB; LJ 8th PB.

U11 boys Rory Murray 150m 3rd PB; 600m 5th PB ; LJ 6th PB.

Ewan Woodman 60m 7th PB ; LJ 7th .

Danny Gracie 60m 3rd PB; LJ 4th ;CB 1st PB.

Finlay Waugh 60m 1st PB; 600m 3rd PB;LJ 2nd PB.

Danny Bryden LJ 3rd PB; CB 2nd PB; 600m 4th PB.

U13 girls Emily Nicholson SP 4th PB; LJ 6th PB; 800m 3rd PB.

U13 boys Callum Davidson LJ 10th PB;200m 4th in heat PB; SP 3rd PB .

Euan Murray 200m 5th PB; 800m 6th PB ; SP 4th PB.

Euan Waugh LJ 8th PB; 100m 7th PB; 800m 5th PB.

U15 girls Catrina Pringle Discus 1st PB; JAV 5th PB ; SP 4th PB .

U15 boys Liam Woodman 100m 1st =PB;200m 1st PB; SP 3rd PB. Obtained a meeting record.

Cameron Martin LJ 4th ; Discus 4th PB; 100m 6th .

U17 Girls Alison Pringle Discus 1st PB;SP 2nd PB; JAV 1st PB. Obtained a meeting record.

Jacqueline Pringle JAV 2nd PB; 200m 6th ;LJ 3rd.


Well done to everyone and thankyou to all the parents who transported the children to this event. Tuesday night training is now at the track 6pm sharp and on Sundays 10.30am to 12noon –new members welcome.Dates for your diary BORDER HARRIERS OGM 15th APRIL AT SHEEPMOUNT,CARLISLE.NITHSDALE OGM 22ND APRIL AT DAVID KESWICK CENTRE ,DUMFRIES.